We connect worlds

The Connecting Worlds Foundation was established in 2004.

The main goal of the foundation is to enable the implementation of international projects bordering film and other branches of art.

The foundation is located in a renovated palace and park complex. Between 1730 and 1740, Count Balthasar Friedrich von Lüttwitz has built a majestic baroque palace and established the surrounding park. Over the following centuries, the building underwent numerous metamorphoses. In addition, several unique outbuildings and offices were built. In some of them, hewn granite was used as a building material. Old trees, including oaks, elms, lindens and several giant plane trees still remain. The park reaches an impressive area of over a dozen hectares.

As part of its core activities, the Foundation helps with media, various art branches and the development of educational projects. By bringing together talented people, we help to establish a bridge in communication, cooperation and the implementation of ideas, by connecting the world of cinema, music and art.

Our main goal is to connect ambitious, talented people from different environments and develop the projects that make use of their broad creative potential. This is achieved by combining different and very unique cultural spaces.

We continuously strive to establish firm connections between artists, journalists, entrepreneurs and people from the world of film and art.

As part of our activities, we develop commercial, cultural and educational projects. We host artistic workshops, organize concerts, exhibitions, and training courses. We manage film productions, carry out artistic experiments and support activities combining both culture and education.

We develop projects regardless of the geographical latitude or cultural differences, while cooperating with local governments, states and non-governmental entities from all around the world.

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